Operational Updates due to COVID-19

last updated July 6, 2020

As of Thursday, May 21, we have resumed pet resort operations.

To promote social distancing, we are implementing the following temporary changes to our operation.

No Early Check In or Late Check Out

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate early check in or late check out at this time.

Our lobby is open for our regular hours:

Monday – Friday: 7:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday – Sunday: 9:00am – 6:00pm

Drop Off Procedure

We ask that you please step inside our patio area and place your dog on one of our slip leads. Please remove your own leash and collar to keep with you. We will not be accepting any items from home. This includes leashes, toys, luggage, bones, etc.

Please call ahead or use the doorbell for service upon arrival. Our lobby, as well as our restroom, will be closed to the public.

Also, to help speed up the check in process we would like to encourage discussion of stay details over email or phone as much as possible.

Food Policy

If your daycare pet usually eats lunch, we encourage you to increase breakfast & dinner portions appropriately so your pet will not require a lunch. This will help us limit the handling of items from outside our facility.

For boarding pets who bring food from home, please consider using our provided food, unless there is a medical reason your pet needs his/her specific diet.

Pick Up Procedure

We appreciate phone payments, if possible, to limit the handling of credit cards or cash.

Please remember to bring your dog’s leash and collar. We will open the entrance and give you your dog on one of our slip leads so you may place your collar and leash back on.

Mask Information

We will be wearing masks. It will be a huge help to us if masks are worn at home around your pet so they get used to them. There may be an adjustment to seeing us in them, and we don’t want them to be frightened.

Reminder: High Season boarding rate is effective Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Thank you for your patience with these new protocols as we try to safely navigate the “new normal.” As things evolve, likely too, will our protocols.

We may be a member of a franchise, but we are a family owned small business and your support means the world to us and our staff!

We can’t wait to see your pups!!!


monday - friday
7a - 7p
saturday - sunday
9a - 6p


7320 N Haggerty Rd
Canton, MI 48187
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